About the 26.2 Group
The 26.2 Group believes strongly that each person is called to run with perseverance the race marked out for them. The race “marked” out for the 26.2 group is to inspire, ignite, and encourage individuals and organizations to go their distance through bold connections, fierce conversations and intense commitments. We accomplish this mission through speaking, mentoring, consulting and writing.

Services and Programs

“On Your Mark” – Individual Mentoring and Coaching
The 26.2 Group partners with clients in a personalized, thought-provoking and creative process that inspires the client to maximize their personal and professional potential. We guide clients to create a plan that will allow him/her to approach the start/finish line of life with confidence. We will work towards obtaining a better understanding of what “your mark” is and how you can leverage it for the most gain in your business and personal life.

“Get Set” - Retreats:
Being mentally, spiritually, and physically set is essential to being prepared for the next step in your personal journey. As you run the race that is marked out for you it is wise to take time for yourself and your family. “Get Set” retreats are time for reflection, refreshment, and rest. These retreats are designed for you to get away from the normal daily routines of life and work in order for you to go YOUR distance and finish strong.

“GO” - Speaking Engagements, Classes and Training:
A gunshot to start a race, the blowing of a shofar, and the drop of a flag, all signal the beginning of an event. From time to time, we need a fresh start, organizations as well as individuals need a wake up call, a challenge, or simply a message of encouragement to grab our attention and refocus it on the right priorities. Mitch is a passionate and heartfelt -speaker who has the ability to communicate critical issues related to social marketing, business, and relationships. Consider having Mitch speak at your next conference and/or event.

Contact Mitch:
Mailing Address:

4210 Peppervine Trail
Greensboro, NC 27455


What Others Are Saying:
I have known Mitch for 16 years. He is our "go-to" resource for social media and online networking. He knows exactly how to generate buzz, brand awareness, and customer engagement for businesses using online tools such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Mitch is a connector of people, ideas, and organizations.
Reed Humphrey, New River Innovation

Working with Mitch is a pleasure. His knowledge of Social Media is outstanding. You can count on Mitch.
David Moff, The HR Group

Your session was fantastic.  You got everyone excited and your enthusiasm was contagious. 
Dr. Richard Bennington, High Point University

About Mitch Miles
Mitch has spent the past 17 years in various executive leadership positions with a Fortune 500 company, a mega-church, a large nonprofit organization, and a number of small entrepreneurial companies. In 2008, he launched The 26.2 Group, a coaching, training and professional speaking organization dedicated to the areas of personal/professional growth, social marketing strategies and client/employee engagement. Among clients, colleagues, and those in the community, he is considered a powerful communicator, strategic connector and results-driven leader with a creative heart and mind. Mitch is a frequently requested speaker and in 2009 was asked to become a part-time instructor in social media for Guilford Technical Community College.

Mitch holds a masters degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and an undergraduate degree from University of North Carolina at Charlotte. He and his wife, Betsy, live in Greensboro, North Carolina with their two daughters.